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Using the 1st person point of view pronouns like “I” (Singular), “We” (Plural) or “We’re” (Plural possessive) are used. Often times, first person is used to directly describe the main characters exact feelings or thoughts in a circumstance, fictional or non-fictional.

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Hodgkins says that makes it difficult for him to maintain his focus and fit in the normal classrooms at his home school, Rolling Acres. Woodruff was awesome and it just helped me a lot while it lasted. I think this is very inappropriate to close this school.” Hodgkins is being raised by his 75 year-old grandmother who says he wants to be a doctor and without the special fit he had at the contemporary school, she worries he won’t make it through school.

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Using the 3rd person point of view pronouns like “He” (Singular), “Hers” (Singular Possessive) or “They” (Plural). This form of narration is often used in fiction books to sound more objective. The objectivity allows readers to buy into the imaginary history or circumstance surrounding the events taking place in the writing because they appear as facts.

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